Mother's day flowers
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Mother's day flowers

With Mother's Day right around the corner what is the best pick of flowers for your mum?

This is our guide to picking the best flowers for your mum




Common throughout literature, film, poetry, and popular culture, a rose not only symbolises romance and love, but also deep affection and appreciation.

They are also the first choice for most women when it comes to flowers!

Red are most popular for Valentine's Day, but pink and yellow roses prove perfect for Mother's Day.

If you're close to your mother on a personal level, yellow roses are ideal as they signify friendship, while pink represent elegance and gratitude.

Make sure you consider your mum’s favourite colours and your desired sentiments for Mother’s Day.




Anna Jarvis, the woman recognised as the official founder of Mother’s Day in the United States, sent 500 carnations to the first Mother's Day church service in 1908 as a tribute to her belated mother Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis, whom loved carnations dearly.

This beautiful tribute is only part of the reason carnations are often included in Mother’s Day bouquets.

A bouquet comprised of white and pink carnations proves the most delicate gift, especially ideal for mature aged mothers.



Pink orchids are said to represent joy and grace, purple signifying royalty and admiration, yellow for a fresh start, white for elegance, orange for courage and strength, and finally, green for a long healthy life.




A glorious way to show your appreciation to mum is by sending her a bouquet of tulips, which symbolise spring, new life, and happy beginnings.

In the same way that you can mix coloured roses, you can also mix tulips in a number of colours to create your desired impact.




Lilies are a popular gift for new mothers as Greek and Roman folklore suggests that the very first lily sprang from the breast milk of the Goddess Juno.

Lilies of any colour are the perfect way to make your mum feel like a Goddess, but pink are often selected for their beauty.



Much like our mums, gerberas have a tendency to effortlessly light up the room. Brighten her day with a gerbera bouquet this Mother’s Day and she is sure to be thankful.

It’s difficult to say which colour you should opt for, as they are all ideal gifts for almost any occasion – you can’t go wrong.

Whatever your mum means to you, we’ve got a fantastic gift for her this Mother’s Day.

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